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The Cup of Joy Cocktail Set is the call for any cold winter day. With both Malandra Crystal and IsaBee Honig you can enjoy a delicious cup of "Quentão", or the Glühcafe created by the Argentinian Berlin-based bartender Laura Mejia from


The set includes:

1x Malandra Crystal (500ml, 40%)
1x IsaBee Honig (250g)



The Cocktail Set Malandra & IsaBee


Brazil is known for its coffee and cachaça. But have you thought about combining them?


IsaBee Coffees and Malandra Cachaça are two Brazilian female-led companies based in Berlin, with sustainable, artisanal and handcrafted products.


Discover a new way of drinking coffee and cachaça and a special "Glühwein" recipe by the Argentinian Berlin-based bartender Laura Mejia from




IsaBee Coffees ☕

IsaBee Coffee is the real, natural and fine Arabica coffee from Serra das Abelhas, it's certified, sustainable, carbon neutral. The farm "Fazenda Paiol", where IsaBee coffee comes from, has a female DNA. Ana Theodora Rezende Naves (the grandmother from Isabela Santos - IsaBee Coffee founder and CEO), was a determined matriarch, established her first coffee plantation in Imperial Brazil, in the Serra das Abelhas, municipality of Três Corações. This region is not only the most important for the production of coffee in Brazil, it is also the birthplace of Pelé, one of the greatest soccer players of the century.

A Cup of Joy

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    • Der Anbieter liefert nur an Kunden, die ihren gewöhnlichen Wohnsitz (Rechnungsadresse) in Deutschland haben und eine Lieferadresse in Deutschland angeben können.
    • Der Anbieter liefert nur an Personen, die mindestens 18 Jahre alt sind.