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Our most requested set is finally here!


The Malandra Caipirinha Set has everything you need to prepare your caipis! The Malandra Caipirinha Set includes:


1x Malandra Crystal (500ml, 40%vol.)
1x Malandra Muddler
2x Malandra wooden coasters


Our special Malandra Muddler Malandra wooden coasters are made of smooth wood and the muddler has the original caipirinha recipe engraved on it, so you always know how to make it. With this bar tool you can prepare a variety of cocktails. The wooden coaster has a pretty detail of engraved lime that refers to the famous Brazilian caipirinha. With these unique coasters, nothing will stand in the way of clean tables and work surfaces. 


The wooden muddler and coasters are engraved in Graz. Due to the real oak wood, each wooden pestle is different and may vary from the product image.


Not washable in the dishwasher. 100% oak.
Wooden muddler 20cm length
Wooden coaster 10cm x 10 cm


The wooden muddler and wooden coasters were designed in collaboration with Koole Kitchen ( and Paul Brennt (

Malandra Caipirinha Set - Crystal

IPI / ICMS / ISS incl.
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